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Puncak Jaya - Indonesia  16,024 feet / 4884 meters

Expedition Date: TBD   

Summit Attempt: TBD

Puncak Jaya, also known as the Carstensz Pyramid, is the highest summit of Mt. Carstensz in Indonesia. If we were to go by the traditional continent labeling of the Seven Summits Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia would top the list. Unfortunately, Mt. Kosciuszko is a mere day hike and many lists use the Oceania region to classify Puncak Jaya as the true tallest summit.  At 16,024 it's jagged peaks make for one of the most technical climbs on the Seven Summits list and can be climbed year-round. The Pyramid was first summited in 1962 by an Australian mountaineer. Access to the mountain is highly regulated by the Indonesian government.





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