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Mt. Everest - The highest point on Earth. 29,029 feet of ice and rock stand between mountaineers and their dreams of standing on top of the world. Roughly 6000 climbers have climbed Mt. Everest since it's famous first ascent by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Countless books and movies have been written about the perils of climbing Mt. Everest making it is the most recognizable mountain in the world. Though difficult, it is widely know that Mt. Everest is not the most technical mountain to climb. Many other mountains in the Himalayan Range hold that distinction. Mt. Everest will continue to set wonder and challenge into the hearts of every climber. 

Mt. Everest - Nepal/Tibet, Asia  29,029 feet / 8848 meters

Expedition Date: TBD   

Summit Attempt: TBD

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